In Year 1 (2010-2011), we engaged in a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) planning process with community partners that use individual, school, and community profiles of risk and protective factors collected from middle school aged adolescents using the School Success Profile Plus to guide the choice of prevention program components. The SSP+ will be administered each year to the same set of students tracking their progress for the five year period and will also include new students entering the 6th grade and will follow those students for the duration of the project.

In Years 2 and 3 (2011-2013), we implemented a youth violence initiative with universal and targeted components in Robeson County.  The interventions used were: Positive Action©, Parenting Wisely©, Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.)© and Robeson County Teen Court. In March of 2013, the teen court intervention evolved into an independent nonprofit to begin plans for sustaining the interventions after the end of Year 4 (September 30, 2014).

Year 4 (2013-2014), we will continue to implement the interventions while continuing the community based participatory research study (SSP+). During Year 4, the project has begun plans for sustaining the interventions in Robeson County by establishing the Robeson County Teen Court and Youth Services to continue our efforts of providing solid research-based programming to the youth and families of Robeson County. This board led organization has incorporated three of the four interventions (Teen Court, Parenting Wisely and SAVE).  RCTCYS will incorporate an evidence based mentoring component and partner with NCMentor to provide Family Centered Treatment (FCT) to the most high risk families within the RCTCYS framework.  NC-ACE staff works directly with RCTCYS to continue implementation of the three interventions until the end of Year 4 at which time, RCTCYS will incorporate staff, supplies, office space and other operating supplies to continue the interventions originally developed by NC-ACE.

During Year 5 (2014-2015) NC-ACE will focus on completing a comprehensive evaluation on the program that considers county and school-level youth violence outcomes, as well as changes in proximal individual and school risk and protective factors.

During the course of the project, along with program implementation and evaluation, there will be new training experiences for doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduate students and junior investigators in youth violence prevention which will continue through the duration of Robeson County Teen Court & Youth Services by experienced and well trained staff..