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RCTCYS is continuing to provide Parenting Wisely, one of four interventions provided by NC-ACE, after September 30, 2014 the end of the NC-ACE project Year 4.

During NC-ACE’s tenure implementing Parenting Wisely to the families of Robeson County, one delivery of the intervention was developed by the research staff at UNC Chapel Hill that involved parents in a “group” setting versus the traditional format of one family (with or without children) in front of a computer taking the online version of the PW model.

What has found is the group setting format the retention rate of families continuing and completing the complete PW model increased by 40% to almost a 90% success rate versus the average 62% retention rate of the standard delivery of the model.

The Board of Directors of RCTCYS has selected the group format of delivering the Parenting Wisely intervention and has hired the current Parenting Wisely staff person to transition to RCTCYS to continue the program and consistency of services.

Youth participating in the RCTCYS service continuum will have additional “wrap-around” services through the Family Support Services offered by our Family Support Specialist. Many times, parents and guardians need support and assistance in insuring the success of their child in the program.

RCTCYS provides Parenting Wisely, an evidence based parent education model that focuses on parent-child conflict through a series of video vignettes ranging from homework to curfews to finding drugs in the home among other common conflicts parents of all ethnicities, genders and socio-economic status deal with on a day-to-day basis.

A highly interactive evidence based parenting program


It is challenging being the parent or guardian of adolescents ten (10) through sixteen (16) years of age. We understand your frustrations and needs for additional support. Parenting Wisely is an online program that shows some of these challenges at home through a series of ten (10) video vignettes.

The methods shown in this program are just as important to single parents as they are to two parent families. Parenting Wisely can be delivered in several formats including: DVD, CD-ROM, and online formats in a parent group, individual parent or with a parent/child combination. Parents choose ten different scenarios and decide how they would handle the child in each situation.

Parenting Wisely research shows when parents use Parenting Wisely they have:

  • Increased knowledge and good use of parenting skills
  • A decrease in children ‘s behavior
  • A decrease in violence toward children
  • It strengthens family relationships
  • Increase family communication and family unity
  • Builds respect among family members


Registration is required and Space is limited.
Families Receive $50 Paid Compensation for Program Completion
Class, Materials and Child Care are FREE!



Ashley Spence, MSW
Family Support Specialist

Parenting Wisely Office 800 N. Walnut Street, Lumberton, NC 28358

(910) 739-4924